Monday, February 11, 2013

Day seven

Still playing catch up. I think after this post we will be on the right day. Here is the original post with the list 30 day challenge.

 Day seven: five pet peeves

~Chewing with your mouth open. OMG it turns my stomach and I want to punch you in the face ( not really but it is really really gross)
~People who discriminate, whether it be race,sex, religion, sexual preference. I just hate the stupidity and ignorance of it. To hate someone you don't even know is just wrong. You are missing out on some good relationships and people.
~Wet floors in the bathroom. It is not hard to dry off before you get out. The puddles left behind are lazy gross and annoying.
~Wearing to much perfume/cologne. If I still smell you even after you leave the room its too much.
~Bad tippers. I hate when people tip horrible. Most of these people are restaurant workers. Which makes it worse. Your bad tipping makes me over tip to overcompensate for it. Which is like salt in a wound.

Day eight: What you ate today

It is only 8 am so as of right now nothing!!!! I will update this one later!

Day nine: How important  you think education is

I think education is very important. It shapes all of your basic life skills, Reading,writing and counting. It also gives you the opportunity to open doors in your future. Its the one thing that you have completely control over. You choose to continue education. You choose what you do and where you go. It lets you become your own person and shape your future into something better.

Day ten: Put your music player on shuffle, write the first 10 songs

Cher- Gypsies tramps and theives
Jana Kramer- Over you by now
Johnathan Larson- Rent
Maroon 5- Fortune teller
Miranda Lambert- Dear Diamond
The band perry- Double heart
Alanis Morrissette- Ironic
Vicci martinez- Little faith
Taylor Swift- Only me when Im with you
The ataris- Looking back on today

I have such a weird collection of music.I love music!!!

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