Thursday, February 7, 2013

Day one

Today is the first start of my 30 day challenge. I posted the list yesterday you can find it here 30 day challenge. I am playing a bit of catch up so here are the first couple of days.

Day one: List 20 random facts.
I already did this in previous blog post. Found HERE. A few random facts from the list I was tongue tied as a baby. I love gummy bears. Winter is my favorite season and I love to ice skate. So check out the list and see what craziness you can find out. 

Day two: Something you feel strongly about :

Food and music. I believe that no matter what mood whether good or bad there is some tasty dish out there for it, or some song that is exactly what you are going through. Music and food both have a way to bring people together. No matter what race, gender, age, faith, people are always going to love food and music. There will always be a song that takes you right back to a certain moment, rushes you with the emotions and memories from a time years ago and just takes you back. I couldn't tell you how many songs I have just lost myself in while sitting on the floor of my room. Either crying or laughing or just thinking and reliving the moments. Music will always be that one thing that will never go away and you can always count on. Then you have food. You will have those items that were made when you were a child, those items that just bring you peace when you eat them. Good old fashioned comfort foods , and for everyone they are different. Some it might be chicken noodle soup, a big bowl of ice cream, creamy macaroni and cheese, a huge slice of pizza. There is always that one item that whether you are happy or upset will always do the trick for me its ice cream. No matter what is going on with me I know that a bowl of ice cream will always do the trick. A nice cry into a big bowl or a celebratory scoop hasn't let me down yet.

Day three: A book you love

Absolutely one of my favorite books !!!!!

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