Friday, February 15, 2013

Day 11

Heres the next few days of The 30 day challenge

Day 11- Describe your relationship with your parents

I am really close with my parents. I talk to my mom almost everyday day. I talk to my dad just about every other day. I visit my dad a couple times a month for dinner and lunch dates with the kiddos. He lives about 20 mins away or so. My mom lives further away so I dont see her as often but I still talk to her alot. I tell my parents just about everything. Theres not much that I keep from them if anything :D I love my parents <3

Day 12- Five guys whom you find attractive

Day 13-Five things you hope to be remembered for

* Being a great mom
* Being a amazing wife
* Being a loyal friend
* Always following my heart
* Never being afraid to try something new

Day 14- What I wore today 

(a brighter blue but same exact dress)

Day 15- Zodiac/horoscope and if it fits your personality

I am a Virgo. 

  • Meticulous: Virgos are very alert about everything. They consciously see that they do not ruin or destroy anything, in the course of doing any job. They take a closer look at everything and do the needful to do the task carefully without hurting any one. 
  • Moody: As mentioned earlier, Virgos are always moody. For their unpredictable mood, they are the best people for you, if you love excitement in life. 
  • Perfectionist: Almost all Virgos are perfectionists. They know what they want and they prefer to keep their every belonging at the proper place. They often turn finicky in order to get all things in place. 
  • Economical: Virgos are very economical in every sphere of their life. You cannot tell them miser but they definitely know how to save. They are very calculative and they never miss a single chance to strike the best deal, be it in the business or in street shopping. 
  • Conventional: Virgos are very tradition in every aspect of life. They strictly believe in the values and principles, with which they grow up. They never want to experiment rather than always go for the tested paths. They do not have any interest or hobby in life. 
Trustworthy: Virgos are very trustworthy. Be in any situation in life, if you are with a Virgo, he or she will help you from the deepest corner of his/her heart. They are always available to do their duties for their near and dear ones. Moreover, they do not complain about any issue, which they face in accomplishing the obligations.

Virgos have distinctive traits which mark them differently from the rest. Sagacity is the most salient feature of Virgos. In fact, they are the most level headed of all the zodiac signs. They have an analytical mind which helps them approach a situation critically. 

Virgos are gifted with the ability to differentiate a good from the bad. It is hard to deceive Virgo since they can see through you. Virgos are less likely to fall for show of power, money or status. 

Virgos are reliable as friends. Their decisions are therefore sought after by others on critical situations. Strengths of Virgos are, 
  • Logical
  • Attentive
  • Caring
  • Dependable
  • Accurate

I think that I definitely agree with this lol. Definitely sounds like me. 

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