Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy new year!!!!!!!!!!!!

2013!!!!!! I bet a whole lot of people didn't think we would be here :-D Well here we are. Let me tell you I love  New years!!! Probably my favorite holiday! Nothing like a clean sweep wipe the slate clean do and be anything you want. After all it is a new year!!!!!

I normally do not make resolutions because more then half of resolutions get forgotten about by the time February rolls around. So I am not gonna do that but here is my plan for the new year.

BLOG BLOG BLOG. The end of last year was crazy. I don't know why I thought starting the blog would be a good idea right as my newest little one got mobile but hey we all do crazy things . But I am loving blogging and I WILL do it more.

GET THIS HOUSE TOGETHER. I am ready to turn this house into mine I want to paint and decorate and remodel and make it all spiffy and pretty. ( not all at once  I am not that crazy) I want to get it organized(better) and green I mean really green and I don't mean the color but ECO-GREEN. I want to go all organic (if possible) i make the majority of my own things so I am hoping this wont be too hard.

ENJOY MY KIDS I want to just enjoy their little faces even more then I normally do. My daughter goes to VPK next year its crazy where does the time go. I want to travel and crafts and pictures and just craziness with them

NEW CRAFTS AND RECIPES I recently received a pressure canner so I cannot wait to bust that out and see what craziness I can get into. With all the house projects in my brain the crafty side is gonna come out and I cant wait to get my hands dirty (only semi dirty :-D) and food food food. I love trying and cooking new things. I cannot wait!!!!

With all of this being said BLOG BLOG BLOG  you will get to see all of it. I cannot wait to show you all the madness this year will entail!!!!!!

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