Monday, November 5, 2012

Purple bunny traditions

Many many many moons ago it was my birthday. I can't even remember which birthday it was but I am guessing I was around 3 or so. Maybe even before that. But for my birthday my parents got me this bunny.                                                              

Gotta love the 80's
I cannot remember life without this little one. I slept with her every night if I didn't have her we weren't sleeping ( Sorry Kris I love you!!!!) She was the coolest. All the stars would glow in the dark, her eyes would look like she was sleeping I couldn't tell you how many time I was yelled at for leaving her laying across the top of the lamp shade. She got the best light up there and would glow forever. Apparently its a fire hazard haha who knew!!!  I have tried on many occasions to give her a name but always ended up calling her purple bunny. I guess that was her name and I never knew it. Well I kept and slept with her for many many years. I grew up and grew out of sleeping with the bunny. But couldn't dare part with her so I packed her away with all the other momentos I wasn't ready to get rid of. Time moved passed , school came and went, I moved here and there, Kids came. In the midst of a move I found the box with purple bunny and lots of other childhood fun.

Here is my bunny. In need of a bath but you can see she has some wear  on her but over all in good shape.
Well I gave my bunny to my daughter.  She instantly took took her. She cannot sleep without her either. The funny part about it all is that she calls her purple bunny also. I guess after all these years and all those times trying to give her a name other then the obvious. Purple Bunny was the right name all along. I hope that purple bunny hangs around long enough so my daughter can give it to her children. I dont have many things to pass along ( I am sure that will change as time goes on,) but I really hope this can be one. 

Here are a few other things I found that brought me back to my childhood.
Jacks !!!!!!! 
I couldn't tell you how many hours I sat on my kitchen floor or outside on the side walk playing with these guys for hours. I love jacks. I may even play some when the kids go to sleep haha.

Pick-up sticks
This is my game haha!!!! I love pick up sticks. Add this to one of my favorite games ever!!! The simplicity of  the games back then lol. The object of the game is to pick up a stick without moving any others in the process. Definitely spent lots of time playing this game also  haha. 

My sister and I used to play these alot!!!!!! She used to kick my butt in it too haha. She used to have way more then I did probably because I only wanted the "cute" ones haha lol so we would trade and I would give her all the ugly/scary/dark ones . 

                                                       Oh the simplicity of it all