Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Its been a while

  and I have been a blog slacker. I loved blogging and was doing good everyday or a couple a week well then I got busy and totally neglected it :( But I am determined to come back and climb back into the blog saddles. Here's a little recap for whats been going on. I have pretty much done with cleaning out the house. I have just a little bit left. It felt so good to get all of the unused items out of the house. If I haven't used, saw or wore it in the past 6 mths. GOODBYE!!!! With the exception of holiday items everything else went.  My local thrift store loves me lol. It is a bit of a bummer because now when I go in there I see all my stuff haha in a few weeks there should be new items. I have been a busy a busy little bee in the house. I started watching a friends little one during the week. Which is amazingly easy . I thought I was crazy for saying yes. A three year old, a one year old and a 9 mth old. What was I thinking?? But shockingly not as hectic as I thought. It is smooth days. My little ones are growing like little weeds. My three year old turns four around Christmas I cannot believe it she is turning 4. She is becoming more and more a little person everyday :(. My son is breaking teeth like crazy. He has 6 right now and working on 4 more. He is going to walk any day now. Its crazy how fast they grow they definitely are right when they say time flies. I have been great a busy little bee in the kitchen. So we will have lots of yummy recipes to come. I have mastered a amazing Angel food cake (OMG!!!!) a super tasty multi-grain brain. I have been a canning monster. Salsas, pickles, jams, jellys, apple and pumpkin butter. I need to rearrange my canning shelf. So be prepared for that one too! I am getting myself ready for the holidays. I am so excited I love the holidays and cooler weather. It doesn't get too cold and stay cold here in florida. But the past two days I haven't had my AC on so that is always exciting!!! I am so excited to get back to blogging !!!!!!!!!!!!! There is lots to come.................

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