Thursday, September 6, 2012

Yes I am still here...

I have not been ignoring the blog but  I have been neglectful. These past few weeks have been crazy for me. We had the bug guy come and do his bug spraying thing. So I was able to get my kitchen out of totes and back in my cabinet's. Yeahhhhhh. Despite this being very annoying and stressful. I gave me the time to clear house and get rid of all the excess we did not need. Which is always exciting!
I was able to get into my holiday/ party stuff and got all of that organized. In the process of doing this I came across two things. One I am SOOOOO EXCITED for the fall/ winter holidays coming up. Cooler weather. Fall colors Pumpkin everything. The smell of cinnamon. OOOO I cannot wait! And two  I am so ready for another party. While looking all my different theme party decorations. I am ready to get down with my bad self ( ha ha corny I know but still) In the midst of all of this my Chickens started laying eggs :D I know its so exciting and tasty. I was able to watch one actually lay the egg which was really cool.

Those little ladies are laying 4-6 eggs a day.I don't think we realized exactly how much we were gonna get but with my baking and the holidays coming up I am not concerned! With all of this the littlest man in the house has started pulling himself to standing which is just one step closer to walking which is one step closer to really keeping me busy. The fun is starting!!!!! Things around here have been super hectic and busy. By the time the day is winding down and both kiddos are in bed so I am I. Now that things are settling back down and I have some moments to breathe this mama is going to get crafty and start visiting the best room in the house. The kitchen!!!!!!!!!!!

Stay tuned with the first day of autumn approaching fast I have found lots of fall inspiration , and I am so excited!!!!!! 


  1. I tagged you for the Liebster Award!!

  2. Found your blog via Purple Kale.. it is lovely! Can't wait to keep reading!

  3. Thank you ladies :D I cannot wait to fill it out and tag some other lucky bloggers. thank you laura. I love all the feedback I can get I cannot wait to check out your blog as well !