Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Its my birthday.....

and I will blog if I want to.  Happy Birthday to me!!!!! 25 years old today. Where does the time go ha ha Just kidding. As I sit here in the quiet of my home because my kids were exceptionally nice to me today and went to bed early with out a fight ( they must have gotten the memo ) I decided what better post on your 25th birthday then 25th random facts about me. Enjoy!

25. I was born in Germany
24. I love to cook, bake or do just about anything in the kitchen.
23. I am petrified of birds. Despite having 6 chickens. They scare the hell outta me.
22. I love to sing, I think I am semi good at it. But you will never hear me!
21. If its pink and sparkles, chances are I want it.
20. I was tongue tied as a baby
19. With # 20 being said I cannot whistle or roll my R's
18. I love buffalo wings but I am extremely picky when it comes to them
17. With #18 being said  I do not eat any meat of off the bone. It just freaks me out! (luckily my husband       does the work for me)
16. A year ago you  would never see me drink coke but since I got pregnant with my son I cannot get enough of it.
15. I have a cat named Snuffy and he is 15 years old.
14. I love cold weather, winter, and snow.  My hair loves winter lol
13. I keep the silliest things because they have "meaning" and bring me back to good memories.
12. I love to shop.....but hate to spend money on myself.
11.I still have a super Nintendo with super Mario all stars. Yes its my favorite system EVER. and yes I still play it.
10. I have never broken a bone
09. My first job was at bath and body works and I loved it!!!
08. I cry every time I watch la bamba.
07. I feel sexiest in blue jeans and a white tank top
06. I love to ice skate.
05.Gummy bears are my favorite candy ever!!!!
04. Four is my favorite number.
03. I cannot eat onions. I do not know why I just cant.
02. This was harder to come up with  then I thought it would be.
01. I had fun.


  1. Happy Birthday!! I second you on the jeans & white tank! Hope your day is the best!


  2. Thank you! There is just something in the simplicity of it that just looks amazing haha

  3. This was super funny! I learned a ton about you!!! You need to get back to blogging more!!!!