Monday, August 6, 2012

Purple Kale and a guest post

I just want to thank everyone who is following me and checking all the new posts that I have been posting I appreciate it all :D

 A dear friend of mine who I went to high school with and even though we have both moved and live in diffeerent states we keep in touch very often. She has offered me to do a guest post on her  blog  Purple Kale. Which I gladly accepted. She is a very big part of the reason why I decided to start my blog. I would read her's everytime she posted and it motivated me to start one of my own. So go over there and check out her blog.  She is a crafty momma of two who has recently became a susccessful Visalus promoter and you should check out some of the shakes that she makes :D yummo So head on over to Purple Kale  and read my guest post and check out some over her other posts. You will not be dissappointed.

Heres the post:

Dont forget to check out her blog!!!!

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