Thursday, August 16, 2012

Busy little bee

I have been major slacking on my blog posts lately. It has been a while since I have posted but I have been a busy little bee :D I have been working on getting the house together and organized and just the way I want it :D. The past two weeks I finished up the pantry. Cleaned out the closet ( sent three trash bags to thrift store :D ) Went through the rest of the house. Filled the whole car up with some lovely thrift store donations. I came up with some game plans for ideas on what I want to do in the bathroom and the family room. The past two days have been very productive. We took apart our bed set, and have decided to re-purpose it. We used to have a wall unit. I loved the bed but with the size of it we can only put it on one wall in our room and I was ready for a change and started thinking !
Identical to this one. But different wood color
Well we took it apart and brought the two side pieces out into our family room for some craft storage. I think I am going to take the mirror apart and put it in our bathroom and frame them.
Here is the finished product. I think I may change the color of the desk at some point or just leave it not quite sure yet lol. Ignore the floor all of that is coming up later on. One step at a time. 

I organized all of the crafty stuff and put it in the shelves. This way I can clear room on my desk and keep it up high away from the kiddies. ( I have lost most of good markers and a good chunk of stickers thanks to my little one) 

I decided to take the piece of the bread here is the before shot. I am planning on taking the feet off of it and upholstering the top and putting it at the end of the bed. I think I am going to change the color of it once I figure out the room colors ha ha  I am going to use it like a linen chest. I am super excited for this!!!!! 

We have come up with lots of ideas for the house so I am sure there will be a pintrest board about it soon! I am so excited to be getting this house together! Its getting more homier everyday. ( Well not right now , there's alot of stuff outta place right now! But its getting there ) 


  1. Looks like you did a pretty awesome job!!

  2. Its getting there slowly but surely it will be done and pretty :D