Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Baby step two


 So my pantry had no organization. It had some general organization but that's it. A baking shelf a pasta shelf a snack shelf etc. Other than that it was madness lol. So in my determination I am conquering my pantry. I should of taken some before pictures but I wasn't but the after pictures really make me happy.

I moved all my appliances that I use up on to the top shelf to clear up the space on the floor underneath the shelves. Which I put my daughters stairs underneath so she would stop scaling the shelves for snacks. ( I got those stairs at a thrift store for three bucks. It has a cover but it was in the wash I think they were for a dog and the weigh is up to 70lbs. my daughter isn't even half that ha ha lol ) I vacuum sealed my pastas to clear up all the boxes and put them into bins. The blue one is all my stabby pasta and the white one is my twirly pasta. I love my vacuum saver I sealed all my twirly pasta up and there is around 10 lbs of pasta in that basket. I created "snack boxes" for everyone in the house. That way when Abby wants a snack she goes and gets her box and chooses what she wants I have one for my husband and Max ( even though he is older he still has a spot for all his goodies) I then expanded my baking shelf over and put all my bulk baking supplies over there.  With as much that I use and as cheap as I can find it ( gotta love my husbands work lol we get a bunch from there.) I buy them in bulk and store them in buckets that I get from my husbands job. I still have my jars that I pull down and bring to the kitchen when I am baking those buckets just store my extra :D 

I had alot of random little things floating around that just end up here there on the floor etc. (boxes of jello, chocolate chips. keurig cups)  So I put them all in labeled boxes also. I have a shelf for the rest of my baking stuff. All the odds and ends that you use when baking. I have a snack and condiment etc shelf. ( not really sure what to call the shelf but it has the nuts and popcorn the condiments my rice and egg noodles that didn't fit on my pasta shelf my homemade jams and salsas) My cans and then my Tupperware at the bottom, With of course my husbands protein . You would not believe how excited I am for this. I love it love it love it!!!!!!!!

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