Friday, February 15, 2013

Day 11

Heres the next few days of The 30 day challenge

Day 11- Describe your relationship with your parents

I am really close with my parents. I talk to my mom almost everyday day. I talk to my dad just about every other day. I visit my dad a couple times a month for dinner and lunch dates with the kiddos. He lives about 20 mins away or so. My mom lives further away so I dont see her as often but I still talk to her alot. I tell my parents just about everything. Theres not much that I keep from them if anything :D I love my parents <3

Day 12- Five guys whom you find attractive

Day 13-Five things you hope to be remembered for

* Being a great mom
* Being a amazing wife
* Being a loyal friend
* Always following my heart
* Never being afraid to try something new

Day 14- What I wore today 

(a brighter blue but same exact dress)

Day 15- Zodiac/horoscope and if it fits your personality

I am a Virgo. 

  • Meticulous: Virgos are very alert about everything. They consciously see that they do not ruin or destroy anything, in the course of doing any job. They take a closer look at everything and do the needful to do the task carefully without hurting any one. 
  • Moody: As mentioned earlier, Virgos are always moody. For their unpredictable mood, they are the best people for you, if you love excitement in life. 
  • Perfectionist: Almost all Virgos are perfectionists. They know what they want and they prefer to keep their every belonging at the proper place. They often turn finicky in order to get all things in place. 
  • Economical: Virgos are very economical in every sphere of their life. You cannot tell them miser but they definitely know how to save. They are very calculative and they never miss a single chance to strike the best deal, be it in the business or in street shopping. 
  • Conventional: Virgos are very tradition in every aspect of life. They strictly believe in the values and principles, with which they grow up. They never want to experiment rather than always go for the tested paths. They do not have any interest or hobby in life. 
Trustworthy: Virgos are very trustworthy. Be in any situation in life, if you are with a Virgo, he or she will help you from the deepest corner of his/her heart. They are always available to do their duties for their near and dear ones. Moreover, they do not complain about any issue, which they face in accomplishing the obligations.

Virgos have distinctive traits which mark them differently from the rest. Sagacity is the most salient feature of Virgos. In fact, they are the most level headed of all the zodiac signs. They have an analytical mind which helps them approach a situation critically. 

Virgos are gifted with the ability to differentiate a good from the bad. It is hard to deceive Virgo since they can see through you. Virgos are less likely to fall for show of power, money or status. 

Virgos are reliable as friends. Their decisions are therefore sought after by others on critical situations. Strengths of Virgos are, 
  • Logical
  • Attentive
  • Caring
  • Dependable
  • Accurate

I think that I definitely agree with this lol. Definitely sounds like me. 

Monday, February 11, 2013

Day seven

Still playing catch up. I think after this post we will be on the right day. Here is the original post with the list 30 day challenge.

 Day seven: five pet peeves

~Chewing with your mouth open. OMG it turns my stomach and I want to punch you in the face ( not really but it is really really gross)
~People who discriminate, whether it be race,sex, religion, sexual preference. I just hate the stupidity and ignorance of it. To hate someone you don't even know is just wrong. You are missing out on some good relationships and people.
~Wet floors in the bathroom. It is not hard to dry off before you get out. The puddles left behind are lazy gross and annoying.
~Wearing to much perfume/cologne. If I still smell you even after you leave the room its too much.
~Bad tippers. I hate when people tip horrible. Most of these people are restaurant workers. Which makes it worse. Your bad tipping makes me over tip to overcompensate for it. Which is like salt in a wound.

Day eight: What you ate today

It is only 8 am so as of right now nothing!!!! I will update this one later!

Day nine: How important  you think education is

I think education is very important. It shapes all of your basic life skills, Reading,writing and counting. It also gives you the opportunity to open doors in your future. Its the one thing that you have completely control over. You choose to continue education. You choose what you do and where you go. It lets you become your own person and shape your future into something better.

Day ten: Put your music player on shuffle, write the first 10 songs

Cher- Gypsies tramps and theives
Jana Kramer- Over you by now
Johnathan Larson- Rent
Maroon 5- Fortune teller
Miranda Lambert- Dear Diamond
The band perry- Double heart
Alanis Morrissette- Ironic
Vicci martinez- Little faith
Taylor Swift- Only me when Im with you
The ataris- Looking back on today

I have such a weird collection of music.I love music!!!

You can find past days here
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Friday, February 8, 2013

Day four

Continuing the 30 day challenge here is a few more days of catch up

Day four: Bullet your whole day

  • Wake up early ( thanks to a wide awake 4 year old)
  • Let out the dogs and get them all fed
  • Go and check the mail
  • Cook breakfast for the kids
  • Talk to a friend who dropped her girls off so I could baby sit the,
  • Answer a ton of ridiculous questions from 3 toddlers
  • Iron work clothes for the hubby
  • Lunchtime
  • Throw clothes into the washer
  • Clean living room
  • Relax
  • Make dinner
  • Feed dogs
  • Re-clean living room
  • Fill out fasfa
  • Watch a movie
  • Blog a little 
  • Realize I am very uneventful lol 
  • And soon bedtime :D

Day five: Things you want to say to an ex.

I don't have much to say to an ex. We dated broke up and it seems that with the break we are better now then before. We are both in good places and still talk occasionally. So I guess if I had to tell him anything it would be. I wish you the best. I hope that you get everything that you want out of life and you and your fiance live happily ever after lol. It sounds very cliche but there really isn't much to tell him since I already told him everything he needed to know :D

Day six: views on mainstream music

Its catchy. It always has a way to make you tap your feet or sing along even if you hate the song. I couldn't tell you how many songs I have caught myself singing a song and then going ughhhhh I hate this song!!! The down fall about mainstream music is that its everywhere there's no escaping it. So it gets played out really really fast. You can only hear the same song over and over so many times before its like nails on a chalkboard. I dont think anyone can really say they hate mainstream because no matter what genre of music you listen to there is mainstream in it. Thats just the music world.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Day one

Today is the first start of my 30 day challenge. I posted the list yesterday you can find it here 30 day challenge. I am playing a bit of catch up so here are the first couple of days.

Day one: List 20 random facts.
I already did this in previous blog post. Found HERE. A few random facts from the list I was tongue tied as a baby. I love gummy bears. Winter is my favorite season and I love to ice skate. So check out the list and see what craziness you can find out. 

Day two: Something you feel strongly about :

Food and music. I believe that no matter what mood whether good or bad there is some tasty dish out there for it, or some song that is exactly what you are going through. Music and food both have a way to bring people together. No matter what race, gender, age, faith, people are always going to love food and music. There will always be a song that takes you right back to a certain moment, rushes you with the emotions and memories from a time years ago and just takes you back. I couldn't tell you how many songs I have just lost myself in while sitting on the floor of my room. Either crying or laughing or just thinking and reliving the moments. Music will always be that one thing that will never go away and you can always count on. Then you have food. You will have those items that were made when you were a child, those items that just bring you peace when you eat them. Good old fashioned comfort foods , and for everyone they are different. Some it might be chicken noodle soup, a big bowl of ice cream, creamy macaroni and cheese, a huge slice of pizza. There is always that one item that whether you are happy or upset will always do the trick for me its ice cream. No matter what is going on with me I know that a bowl of ice cream will always do the trick. A nice cry into a big bowl or a celebratory scoop hasn't let me down yet.

Day three: A book you love

Absolutely one of my favorite books !!!!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

30 day challenge

So I have loved blogging. However I am coming up with the hardest time coming up with things to write about. So I figured I would just start writing almost like my online journal/diary ( which I am sure thats what blogging is meant for) But to help me get back on the horse I am going to be doing a blog challenge. One post everyday from a 30 day challenge. Here is one that I found online. I just did a google search and it came up it can be found on this blog.

I am super excited to do this. My first couple posts will be making up days and catching up since February only has 28 days not 30 : D 

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy new year!!!!!!!!!!!!

2013!!!!!! I bet a whole lot of people didn't think we would be here :-D Well here we are. Let me tell you I love  New years!!! Probably my favorite holiday! Nothing like a clean sweep wipe the slate clean do and be anything you want. After all it is a new year!!!!!

I normally do not make resolutions because more then half of resolutions get forgotten about by the time February rolls around. So I am not gonna do that but here is my plan for the new year.

BLOG BLOG BLOG. The end of last year was crazy. I don't know why I thought starting the blog would be a good idea right as my newest little one got mobile but hey we all do crazy things . But I am loving blogging and I WILL do it more.

GET THIS HOUSE TOGETHER. I am ready to turn this house into mine I want to paint and decorate and remodel and make it all spiffy and pretty. ( not all at once  I am not that crazy) I want to get it organized(better) and green I mean really green and I don't mean the color but ECO-GREEN. I want to go all organic (if possible) i make the majority of my own things so I am hoping this wont be too hard.

ENJOY MY KIDS I want to just enjoy their little faces even more then I normally do. My daughter goes to VPK next year its crazy where does the time go. I want to travel and crafts and pictures and just craziness with them

NEW CRAFTS AND RECIPES I recently received a pressure canner so I cannot wait to bust that out and see what craziness I can get into. With all the house projects in my brain the crafty side is gonna come out and I cant wait to get my hands dirty (only semi dirty :-D) and food food food. I love trying and cooking new things. I cannot wait!!!!

With all of this being said BLOG BLOG BLOG  you will get to see all of it. I cannot wait to show you all the madness this year will entail!!!!!!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Purple bunny traditions

Many many many moons ago it was my birthday. I can't even remember which birthday it was but I am guessing I was around 3 or so. Maybe even before that. But for my birthday my parents got me this bunny.                                                              

Gotta love the 80's
I cannot remember life without this little one. I slept with her every night if I didn't have her we weren't sleeping ( Sorry Kris I love you!!!!) She was the coolest. All the stars would glow in the dark, her eyes would look like she was sleeping I couldn't tell you how many time I was yelled at for leaving her laying across the top of the lamp shade. She got the best light up there and would glow forever. Apparently its a fire hazard haha who knew!!!  I have tried on many occasions to give her a name but always ended up calling her purple bunny. I guess that was her name and I never knew it. Well I kept and slept with her for many many years. I grew up and grew out of sleeping with the bunny. But couldn't dare part with her so I packed her away with all the other momentos I wasn't ready to get rid of. Time moved passed , school came and went, I moved here and there, Kids came. In the midst of a move I found the box with purple bunny and lots of other childhood fun.

Here is my bunny. In need of a bath but you can see she has some wear  on her but over all in good shape.
Well I gave my bunny to my daughter.  She instantly took took her. She cannot sleep without her either. The funny part about it all is that she calls her purple bunny also. I guess after all these years and all those times trying to give her a name other then the obvious. Purple Bunny was the right name all along. I hope that purple bunny hangs around long enough so my daughter can give it to her children. I dont have many things to pass along ( I am sure that will change as time goes on,) but I really hope this can be one. 

Here are a few other things I found that brought me back to my childhood.
Jacks !!!!!!! 
I couldn't tell you how many hours I sat on my kitchen floor or outside on the side walk playing with these guys for hours. I love jacks. I may even play some when the kids go to sleep haha.

Pick-up sticks
This is my game haha!!!! I love pick up sticks. Add this to one of my favorite games ever!!! The simplicity of  the games back then lol. The object of the game is to pick up a stick without moving any others in the process. Definitely spent lots of time playing this game also  haha. 

My sister and I used to play these alot!!!!!! She used to kick my butt in it too haha. She used to have way more then I did probably because I only wanted the "cute" ones haha lol so we would trade and I would give her all the ugly/scary/dark ones . 

                                                       Oh the simplicity of it all